He looks like a painter, and he was, but he’s now a photographer, and not just any photographer!

In the argentic era, he worked as an assistant photographer, notably for the Condé Nast group (Vogue), then as a cosmetics photographer for major brands such as L’Oréal, Helena Rubinstein, Yves Rocher, Elisabeth Arden…

I’m telling you about Sammy Georges not because I’m starting out in photography and looking for a mentor, but because he agreed to take my portrait during my last stay in Paris.

The talented Sammy Georges is the author of the photo that illustrates my social networking profiles and the header of this site’s home page.

For me, “posing” isn’t something I’m born with. Smile, but not too much. Look relaxed while standing like this, then like that. Don’t widen your eyes too much, but remember to smile with your eyes. And for a successful author portrait, look as if you’re in the wonderful world of your thoughts, while still being physically present… Now I know that being a photo model is a job, and it’s not mine!

At first, it’s hard to say that I felt comfortable in front of the artist and his camera. I didn’t know how to stand or where to put my damn hands. But Sammy has a sharp eye, he’s hyper-professional, full of advice, kindness, patience, no fuss, and he’s so caring! Sammy knows how to make his models relax. And as the shoot progressed, my embarrassment disappeared. And our two shoots on the Ile de la Cité, at the Port de l’Arsenal and in the streets of the heart of Paris were unforgettable moments. Full of discoveries, exchanges, laughter, stories and gourmet delights at La Durée. But most of all, a lot of posing for the camera. And finally, Sammy found the light he loves so much, and he captured my essence and revealed it in a photograph, in shades of green and all shades of light.

This is the picture! And I love it!

Thanks again, Sammy.

If you, as a reader and surfer of the web, are looking for a photographer who is not only super professional and talented, but also a good listener, caring and incredibly kind, I recommend Sammy Georges, because he is all of these things!

Here’s how to contact him : Mobile : +33.(0) – Email :

Some more pictures of Sammy Georges :

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