It’s official, the writing of book 1 of my saga “The Hawthorn’s Souls” has been completed since Friday September 11th at 8.35pm to be precise!

3 drafts and 727 pages later, I can finally say: “I’m done!” And yet there’s still work to be done, work that gives me monstrous stress but also new energy: publishing. ⠀
And there’s also the sequel to write – and it’s already on its way – but that’s another story! For now, I’m going to focus on one goal: getting my book published. Of course, I will be in touch with you along the way.

As for the story of my novel, the idea came to me more than ten years ago. There have been many changes since then. The original Volume 1 was cut into two parts, and the single narrator became three narrators. What was the new Book 1 was finally cut in two again, because with 3 narrators the story has of course expanded. In short, it was a titanic and lengthy task. Because I’ve never taken the easy way out. And yes, call me crazy, and I probably am! But I can proudly say, with no regrets, that I’ve had my share of joys and my share of pitfalls in the process of writing this book, pitfalls that make you question your legitimacy as a writer. And then I cried, I sweated, I laughed, I trembled, and I even did a few stunts. Finally, I despaired of my slow productivity, my need for perfection, my procrastination, my anxiety, and my need to do more and more; more sounds, more smells, more sets, more movements, and more “special effects” (as I like to say). In short, I despaired of “messing it up” even a little. But luckily, I love my story and I believe in it! And when I did forget these two facts, I was fortunate enough to have kind people around me to remind me. So I’d like to thank my friends, my family, and all of you who follow me, for your phone calls, the restaurants, the teas between meetings, the likes, the comments, the private messages, all the kindness that has allowed me to see this through to the end. A thousand thanks!
Gosh, I realize that I must have stunned more than one of my relatives with this story of angels and demons revisited. I guess it takes a little madness to stick to a story like that. But I did it! And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me…

It’s okay, I’m crying. And I won’t change a word of this long message!

Today I’m entitled to imperfection and uncontrolled emotions, because I didn’t feel happy or sad when I put the finishing touches on Book 1. But it is only now, as I write this message to you, that I have the full realization: I’M DONE!

See you soon! ⠀
Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Solenne 😉

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Solenne Le Goff

Author and scriptwriter, I have written a novel for young adults, “The Hawthorn’s Souls®© – Genesis”, and this is also my first novel in search of a publisher.

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