I’m a conscious and committed author…

… I’m a positive girl and I like the idea of the butterfly effect. You know that philosophy which says that any action, however small, can have a devastating consequence. That’s why I’m very careful about the messages I deliver in my writing; just as in everyday life I’m careful about the impact of my words. I’m aware that words have an impact that can be positive or negative, minimal or colossal, depending on the sensitivity and experience of the people who receive them.

So even if there is violence in my novel, even if my characters go through difficult things or don’t always act “morally,” you should know that it’s always about moving from darkness to light.

So, in spite of the appearance of the first few pages of my writings, nothing is for nothing. Nothing is meant to be sensational, scandalous or controversial. Everything has its place. And everything will be justified in due time. Also, remember that my novel is a fantasy novel, and know that appearances can be deceiving, and that I like to surprise readers. Surprising you is my personal challenge.

One more detail… Entering my world means embarking on an adventure in a new supernatural universe, so you may not understand everything right away. The answers are there and they will come, but be patient.

Finally, to make you want to discover my novel… “The Hawthorn’s Souls” is my first novel, which has been in the making for years and has undergone 3 rewrites. It’s an epic universe, exacerbated, idealistic and disenchanted, where emotions have colors and are like dazzling meteors that turn everything upside down. It’s a story full of black holes, stars and people, without spaceships or interstellar travel. It takes place on Earth, in our cities, on our streets, even in our high schools. It’s not science fiction. It’s pure fantasy, and a totally free and original take on the theme of angels and demons.

So if you’re tempted, go for it! Because I truly believe you’ll be won over.

I hope you enjoy your reading.

And of course, comment and share.

Keep this story alive!

To read an excerpt of my novel “The Hawthorn’s Souls” (free reading without registration), click on the link below.

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Solenne Le Goff

Author and scriptwriter, I have written a novel for young adults, “The Hawthorn’s Souls®© – Genesis”, and this is also my first novel in search of a publisher.

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